Maverick  Of London

Maverick  Of London

Maverick  Of London


Maverick Of London's central ethos is about hybridising function with fashion. The creative direction is posed mainly of daily inspirations gathered through general walks of life. Vihan (@vihan.mvk) has focused on producing new timeless designs to all the collection/capsules he has released, he has built a culture that expresses true fashion and function.

V 3 M V K

Maverick Of London is a London based collective, we are more than a simple 'clothing brand'. We aim to provide quality, durability and timeless design. The collective is made up of creative, engulfing creatives from all walks of live, whether it be fashion, music or art. We are collective bringing the essentials. We work of a primarily monochrome palette, demonstrated in our 'black & white' simplicity. 





'Maverick' is an urban brand founded in early 2016 with a new and simple idea. The brand represents the "independent-minded person" who strives for perfection. We don't see Maverick as a brand we see it as a lifestyle. One reality will be absolute originality as we continue pushing the boundaries of today's urban lifestyle wear. The collection has a limited amount of pieces with a limited availability. The design approach is clean and unorthodox. We don't follow the conventional seasonal design approach, we create clothes that can be worn anytime, anywhere. All our garments are of the finest materials and where our design is simple our quality stands out.

We intend to continue pushing the boundaries of true timeless simplicity.

"A true label which can earn its right to be in the fashion industry" - Editor of Fashion Weekly

Creative Direction

"A Maverick is a symbol that appeals to me more than a rebel, because a Maverick is active in achieving change while a rebel is a misfit without cause" 

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We have plenty more editorials/press outlines coming out late in 2018.


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The interview with our brand founder Vihan Patel talking about

the ideas and motives behind his venture into what we know as

Maverick Of London. 

Maverick Of London - We will be in selfridges by the end of 2018!