Maverick Of London: Season 2, Chapter 1: TIME

Maverick Of London: Season 2, Chapter 1: TIME

Maverick Of London has always been about producing quality driven garments. This collection is no exception. We have intervened in the actual process of the manufacturing of our t-shirts, introducing a patent pending blend of cotton and bamboo. This led to the creative decision being made that this collection will remain a ’t-shirt’ only one. 

Our creative direction has been diverted with this collection putting an emphasis on the concept of ‘time’. We have based this collection on the wasted time of the past, the prejudice, the hate and the violence our history has seen. With this collection we have not intended to be offensive, rather we have purposefully introduced theories of controversy, aimed to stir discussion. 

This collection is also the final collection designed by Vihan (Founder & Creative Director) as he will be stepping down as lead creative director to pursue other aspects within the MVK Group, with this news we are excited to present our next creative director, which we will be announced very soon. 

This collection follows on from our key ethos of not simply producing clothing; rather telling a story. 




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